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Single-chain heteropolymers transport protons selectively and rapidly

T. Jiang, A. Hall, M. Eres, Z. Hemmatian, B. Qiao, Y. Zhou, Z. Ruan, A. D. Couse, W. T. Heller, H. Huang, M. Olvera de la Cruz, M. Rolandi & T. Xu in Nature
Jan 08 2020

Diffusion-Dependent Nanoparticle Assembly in Thin Films of Supramolecular Nanocomposites

J. Huang, Y. Qian, K. Evans, T. Xu in Macromolecules
Jul 23 2019

Sorption-Enhanced Mixed Matrix Membranes with Facilitated Hydrogen Transport for Hydrogen Purification and CO2 Capture

L. Zhu, D. Yin, Y. Qin, S. Konda, S. Zhang, A. Zhu, S. Liu, T. Xu, M. Swihart, H. Lin in Advanced Functional Materials
Jul 08 2019

Organic Nanotube with Subnanometer, pH-Responsive Lumen

S. Darnall, C. Li, M. Dunbar, M. Alsina, S. Keten, B. Helms, T. Xu in Journal of the American Chemical Society
Jun 25 2019

Redox degradable 3-helix micelles with tunable sensitivity

Y. Xue, B. Jung, T. Xu in Peptide Science
May 17 2019

45% Periodicity Reduction in Nanocomposite Thin Films via Rapid Solvent Removal

J. Huang, X. Chen, P. Bai, R. Hai, C. Sun, T. Xu in Macromolecules
Feb 12 2019

Practical Prediction of Heteropolymer Composition and Drift

A. A. A. Smith , A. Hall , V. Wu, T. Xu in ACS Macro Letters
Dec 19 2018

Reusable Enzymatic Fiber Mats for Neurotoxin Remediation in Water

C. DelRe, C. Huang, T.Li, P. Dennis, E. Drockenmuller, T. Xu in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Dec 3 2018

Random heteropolymers preserve protein function in foreign environments

B. Panganiban, B. Qiao, T. Jiang, C. DelRe, M. M. Obadia, T. D. Nguyen, A. A. A. Smith, A. Hall, I. Sit, M. G. Crosby, P. B. Dennis, E. Drockenmuller, M. Olvera de la Cruz, T. Xu in Science
Mar 16 2018

Diversifying Nanoparticle Assemblies in Supramolecule Nanocomposites Via Cylindrical Confinement

P. Bai, S. Yang, W. Bao, J. Kao, K. Thorkelsson, M.B. Salmeron, X. Zhang, T. Xu in Nano Letters
Oct 2 2017

Controlling Styrene Maleic Acid Lipid Particles through RAFT

A.A.A. Smith, H.E. Autzen, T. Laursen, V. Wu, M. Yen, A. Hall, S.D. Hansen, Y. Cheng, T. Xu in Biomacromolecules
Sep 21 2017

Sub-20 nm Stable Micelles Based on a Mixture of Coiled-Coils: A Platform for Controlled Ligand Presentation

J. Ang, D. Ma, B.T. Jung, S. Keten, T. Xu in Biomacromolecules
Dec 3 2017

Preventing Thin Film Dewetting via Graphene Capping

P. Cao, P. Bai, A. A. Omrani, Y. Xiao, K. L. Meaker, H.-Z. Tsai, A. Yan, H. S. Jung, R. Khajeh, G. F. Rodgers, Y. Kim, A. S. Aikawa, M. A. Kolaczkowski, Y. Liu, A. Zettl, K. Xu, M. F. Crommie, T. Xu in Advanced Materials
Jul 19 2017

Achieving 3-D Nanoparticle Assembly in Nanocomposite Thin Films via Kinetic Control

J. Huang, Y. Xiao, and T. Xu in Macromolecules
Mar 3 2017

Kinetic Pathway of 3-Helix Micelle Formation

J. Ang, B.T. Jung, H. Dong, and T. Xu in Biomacromolecules
Feb 6 2017

Nanorod-Based Supramolecular Nanocomposites: Effects of Nanorod Length

K. Thorkelsson, N. Bronstein, and T. Xu in Macromolecules
Aug 30 2016

Ionic Liquids Containing Block Copolymer Based Supramolecules

S. Liu and T. Xu in Macromolecules
Aug 3 2016

Mechanisms of Local Stress Sensing in Multifunctional Polymer Films Using Fluorescent Tetrapod Nanocrystals

S.N. Raja, D. Zherebetskyy, S. Wu, P. Ercius, A. Powers, A.C.K. Olson, D.X. Du, L. Lin, S. Govindjee, L.W. Wang, T. Xu, A.P. Alivisatos, R.O. Ritchie in Nano Letter
Jul 13 2016

Organic Semiconductor-Based Supramolecular Nanocomposites

B.J. Rancatore, P. Bai, T. Xu in Macromolecules
May 26 2016

Improved Hierarchical Ordering in Supramolecules via Symmetrically Bifunctionalized Organic Semiconductor

K.Y. Lee, P. Bai, B.J. Rancatore, B. He, Y. Liu, T. Xu in Macromolecules
Apr 1 2016

Organic Semiconductor-Containing Supramolecules: Effect of Small Molecule Crystallization and Molecular Packing

B.J. Rancatore, B.S. Kim, C.E. Mauldin, J.M.J. Frechet, T. Xu in Macromolecules
Jan 21 2016

Structural diversity in binary superlattices self-assembled from polymer-grafted nanocrystals

X. Ye, C. Zhu, P. Ercius, S.N. Raja, B. He, M.R. Jones, M.R. Hauwiller, Y. Liu, T. Xu, A.P. Alivisatos in Nature Communications
Dec 2 2015

Self-assembled 20-nm 64Cu-micelles enhance accumulation in rat glioblastoma

J.W. Seo, J. Ang, L.M. Mahakian, S. Tam, B. Fite, E.S. Ingham, J. Beyer, J. Forsayeth, K.S. Bankiewicz, T. Xu, K.W. Ferrara in Journal of Controlled Release
Dec 28 2015

Influence of three-dimensional nanoparticle branching on the Young's modulus of nanocomposites: Effect of interface orientation

S.N. Raja, A.C. Olsen, A. Limaye, K. Thorkelsson, A. Luong, L. Lin, R.O. Ritchie, T. Xu, A.P. Alivisatos in PNAS
May 26 2015

Self-Assembly and Applications of Anisotropic Materials: A Review

K. Thorkelsson, P. Bai and T. Xu in Nano Today
Jan 23 2015

Effect of Alkyl Length of Peptide-Polymer Amphiphile on Cargo Encapsulation Stability and Pharmacokinetics of 3-Helix Micelles

N. Dube, J. W. Seo, H. Dong, J. Y. Shu, R. Lund, L. M. Mahakian, K. W. Ferrara and T. Xu in Biomacromolecules
Jul 2 2014

Rapid Fabrication of Hierarchically Structured Supramolecular Nanocomposite Thin Films in One Minute

J. Kao, K. Thorkelsson, P. Bai, Z. Zhang, C. Sun and T. Xu in Nature Communications
Jun 2 2014

PbS Nanoparticles Capped with Tetrathiafulvalenetetracarboxylate: Utilizing Energy Level Alignment for Efficient Carrier Transport

M. Scheele, D. Hanifi, D. Zherebetskyy, S. T. Chourou, S. Axnanda, B. J. Rancatore, K. Thorkelsson, T. Xu, Z. Liu, L.-W. Wang, Y. Liu, and A. P. Alivisatos in ACS Nano
Feb 13 2014

Nanostructures on Graphene using Supramolecule and Supramolecular Nanocomposites

P. Bai, J. Kao, J. H. Chen, W. Mickelson, A. Zettl, and T. Xu in Nanoscale
Mar 5 2014

Distribution of nanoparticles throughout the cerebral cortex of rodents and non-human primates: Implications for gene and drug therapy

E. A. Salegio, H. Streeter, N. Dube, P. Hadaczek, L. Samaranch, A. Kells, W. San Sebastian, Y. Zhai, J. Bringas, T. Xu, J. Forsayeth, and K. S. Bankiewicz in Frontiers in Neuroanatomy
Mar 17 2014

Direct 3‐D Nanoparticle Assemblies in Thin Films via Topographically Patterned Surfaces

J. Kao, S. J. Jeong, Z. Jiang, D. H. Lee, K. Aissou, C. A. Ross, T. P. Russell, and T. Xu in Advanced Materials
Feb 06 2014

Dielectric Properties of Barium Titanate Supramolecular Nanocomposites

K. H. Lee, J. Kao, S. S. Parizi, G. Caruntu, and T. Xu in Nanoscale
Jan 16 2014

Evaluation of Doxorubicin-Loaded 3-Helix Micelles as Nanocarriers

N. Dube, J. Y. Shu, H. Dong, J. W. Seo, E. Ingham, A. Kheirolomoom, P.-Y. Chen, J. Forsayeth, K. Bankiewicz, K. W. Ferrara, and T. Xu in Biomacromolecules
Sep 19 2013

End-to-End Alignment of Nanorods in Thin Films

K. Thorkelsson, J. H. Nelson, A. P. Alivisatos, and T. Xu in Nano Letters
Sep 3 2013

Tetrapod Nanocrystals as Fluorescent Stress Probes for Electrospun Nanocomposites

S. N. Raja, A. C. K. Olson, K. Thorkelsson, A. J. Luong, L. Hsueh, G. Chang, B. Gludovatz, L. Lin, T. Xu, R. O. Ritchie, and A. P. Alivisatos in Nano Letters
Jul 1 2013

Persistence length and stochastic fragmentation of supramolecular nanotubes under mechanical force

L. Ruiz, P. VonAchen, T. D. Lazzara, T. Xu, and S. Keten in Nanotechnology
Apr 17 2013

Peptide-Polymer Conjugates: From Fundamental Science to Application

J. Y. Shu, B. Panganiban, and T. Xu in Annual Review of Physical Chemistry
Jan 16 2013