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Principal Investigator:
Our easy-to-use program Compositional Drift enables the simulation of CRP copolymerizations, which in turn enables the visualization and quantification of the simulated monomer sequences, run lengths, composition drift, and monomer consumption. The program is useful for the study of a wide variety of polymers, and is especially useful for random heteropolymers (RHPs).

Our Focus
We work on the design, synthesis, and characterization of de novo designed peptides that serve as building blocks for functional biomaterials. We also seek to understand the hierarchical self-assembly of complex systems involving artificial proteins, block copolymers, and nanoparticles. In addition, we develop new functional materials at the molecular level that exhibit novel electronic, photonic, and biological properties.
Group Picture August 2017

Funding Sources
Li Ka Shing Foundation
DuPont Young Professor Grant
3M Non-tenured Faculty Grant
UC Energy Institute
Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute
News (Archive)
We have a new publication, 45% Periodicity Reduction in Nanocomposite Thin Films via Rapid Solvent Removal, in Macromolecules! (3/14/2019)
We have a new publication, Practical Prediction of Heteropolymer Composition and Drift, in ACS Macro Letters! (12/19/2018)
We have a new publication, Reusable Enzymatic Fiber Mats for Neurotoxin Remediation in Water, in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces! (12/11/2018)
Chemical & Engineering News covered the recent random heteropolymer article. (03/19/2018)
The recent random heterpolymer work was featured in the Berkeley Research, Science & Environment News. (03/17/2018)
Check out the perspective on our recent Science publication by Prof. Alexander-Katz and Prof. Van Lehn, Random copolymers that protect proteins! (03/17/2018)
We have a new Science publication, Random heteropolymers preserve protein function in foreign environments. Congratulations Brian, Tao, Chris, Anton, Aaron, and Izaac! (Full text access available through our Publications Page) (03/16/2018)
We have a new publication, Controlling Styrene Maleic Acid Lipid Particles through RAFT, in Biomacromolecules! (9/21/2017)
We have a new publication, Preventing Thin Film Dewetting via Graphene Capping, in Advanced Materials. Congratulations Peter and Yihan! (7/19/2017)
Check out Prof. Xu's feature in the California Academy of Sciences educational video on The Chemistry of Clothes! (7/12/2017)
The Masters of engineering 3HM commercialization team has been awarded Best Capstone Presentation Award at UC Berkeley Fung Institute's Capstone Showcase. Congratulations Erik, Justin, Mackenzie, Sam, Yikai, & Zach! (5/3/2017)
Benson has been awarded PMSE Best Poster Award at ACS San Francisco. Congratulations Benson! (4/4/2017)
Jingyu and Yihan have a new publication "Achieving 3-D Nanoparticle Assembly in Nanocomposite Thin Films via Kinetic Control" in Macromolecules! Congratulations! (3/3/2017)
We have a new publication "Kinetic Pathway of 3-Helix Micelle Formation" in Biomacromolecules! (2/6/2017)

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