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We work on designing, characterizing and understanding complex systems of synthetic polymers, nanoparticles and biomolecules to develop new functional materials that exhibit novel electronic, photonic, and biological properties.

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We are a diverse, interdisciplinary group at the University of California Berkeley. Our members have backgrounds and research interests ranging across the fields of materials science, chemistry, biology, mechanical engineering and computing.

We are always looking for talented and motivated graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to join the group. Interested applicants, please send a copy of your CV to Prof. Xu. Interested undergraduate students should reach out to a postdoctoral researcher or graduate student you would be interested in working with!

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Recent Publications

[119] Emma Vargo, Le Ma, He Li, Qingteng Zhang, Junpyo Kwon, Katherine M. Evans, Xiaochen Tang, Victoria L. Tovmasyan, Jasmine Jan, Ana C. Arias, Hugo Destaillats, Ivan Kuzmenko, Jan Ilavsky, Wei-Ren Chen, William Heller, Robert O. Ritchie, Yi Liu & Ting Xu Functional composites by programming entropy-driven nanosheet growth. Nature. (2023)
[117] Z. Ruan, S. Li, A. Grigoropoulos, H. Amiri, S. L. Hilburg, H. Chen, I. Jayapurna, T. Jiang, Z. Gu, A. Alexander-Katz, C. Bustamante, H. Huang & T. Xu Population-based heteropolymer design to mimic protein mixtures. Nature. (2023)
[116] I. Jayapurna, Z. Ruan, M. Eres, P. Jalagam, S. Jenkins, & T. Xu. Sequence Design of Random Heteropolymers as Protein Mimics. Biomacromolecules. (2023)
[112] E. Vargo*, J. C. Dahl*, K. M. Evans*, T. Khan, P. Alivisatos, & T. Xu. Using Machine Learning to Predict and Understand Complex Self-Assembly Behaviors of a Multicomponent Nanocomposite. Advanced Materials. (2022): 2203168.

Group News


Congrats to Priscilla for graduating!


Congratulations to Tiffany on Receiving the Kavli ENSI Graduate Student Fellowship for the 2024-2025 Academic Year!


Congratulations to Emma Vargo on being awarded the 2022-2023 Kavli Thesis Prize for her outstanding work, "Translating the Advantages of Biology to Synthetic Self-Assembled Nanocomposites"

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Congrats to Ivan Jayapurna for winning Best Presentation Award in ACS fall 2023 for his presentation "Stochastic Simulation of Raft Heteropolymerization Kinetics & Sequences"

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